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Thank you for another amazing
Mental (W)illness!
We had a great evening honoring the will it takes to live with Mental Illness
You've helped us raise over $16,000 for #PickingMe and sufferers in need

Save the date next year in
May 2020!

A special thanks to our sponsors!

Your support helps move our mission forward!
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Have an auction item you'd like to donate for Mental (W)illness 2020?
If there's a service, product, gift certificate, or other way your organization would like to contribute, we'd be thrilled to include you! In return, we'll feature your organization as a local sponsor on our website, in our event production materials, have your own display/gift basket at the silent auction, and in promotional socialmedia posts leading up to the event. We can also include marketing material from your company in our event goodie bags. ​​​

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CEO Lauren getting ready to hand out silent auction info packs!

Established in 2016 by Lauren McKeaney who struggles with Dermatillomania yet promotes Mental (W)illness daily, Picking Me serves the under-reported and misunderstood community of Skin Picking Disorder sufferers, who have only been recognized by the medical community as of 2013 (DSMV). 

As a start-up, millennial-led, intern-packed, micro organization, we function on a yearly operational budget under $50,000 with the gracious support of donors like yourself. Our annual fundraiser acts as our big "ask" to continue serving a stigmatized community in the already stigmatized realm of mental health. 

Your ticket purchase or donation will support our Drawing with Derma art therapy program, provide educational resources to dermatologists, pediatricians, and clinicians alike, send us to exhibit at mental health conferences nationwide, maintain our bi-monthly Support Group (the only one in Chicago), increase outreach of our Fiddle Packs for Habit Reversal Training, & a lot more!

For questions, email