“Lauren has a great understanding of how to help others who suffer from dermatillomania, not only because she has suffered from it for most of her life, and has learned and created management techniques to improve it, but also because she has done extensive research in the field giving her a breadth of knowledge about dermatillomania that few clinicians even have. Put this together with her friendly and loving nature, Lauren will be a great benefit to clinicians and their clients with Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors.” –Laura Chackes, Psy.D

“Lauren is a delight to work with! She brings personal knowledge, passion and experiences into her work with my clients. She is a warm, kind and sincere in the way she listens to what my clients’ need while providing easy to use strategies and resources for dermatillomania management and progress. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and have no doubt that we will continue to partner in the future. She is a one of a kind gift to those fighting this ongoing battle!” –Kara Freidman, LPC

Lauren McKeaney– Skin Picking Disorder ConsultantPicking Me Foundation CEO

Picking Me Program:

An authentically derived and everyday lived skin picking disorder plan focusing on practice makes progress. Not perfect. 4 one-hour sessions conducted with current clinician via skype, conference call, or in person w/ management tools, such as AAPO Journal, Skin Picking Logs, Fiddle Pack, HRT tips, Self-Care strategies, #PickingMe Pledge, Drawing with Derma, & further materials for clinician to carryon work Fee - $400.00