By helping Project Dermatologist, you are ensuring proper Dermatillomania diagnosis.

It wasn't until 2013 that Skin Picking Disorder was officially recognized by the DSM-V as a Mental Disorder.
With it being a new diagnosis, nine out of ten Dermatologists are still unaware of the disorder.

Project Dermatologist is our campaign to spread Dermatillomania awareness to skin care providers (Dermatologists,
Estheticians, Nail Salons) and give them the opportunity to point Skin Picking Disorder sufferers in the right direction. 

We've already sent 750 Derma Resource Packets to Chicago Skin Care Providers, and we want to do more. 

*Each packet contains Dermatillomania fact sheets, treatment options, support group information, Picking Me nail files, recommended fidgets
(to re-direct finger energy), Skin Picking Log examples, Picking Me Pledges, stress ball, tangle, band-aids, University of
Chicago Dermatillomania Research Study Information, Picking Me Foundation resources and contact information.

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