Dr. Jon Grant

First ever neuro-mapping research study on skin picking & hair pulling disorders conducted by Dr. Jon Grant

Thrilled to announce the University of Chicago named the Picking Me foundation its local outreach partner for the first ever brain scan research study on skin picking and hair pulling disorders conducted by Dr. Jon Grant! This study was made possible by the BPM initiative from the awesome TLC Foundation and from funding from the Body-focused Repetitive Behavior community. The study will run for two years, interviews groups 11-17 & 18 or older, provides compensation, and is held on site in Chicago. For more info and to participate, contact Sarah Redden at 773-702-9066 or visit the U of C Addictive, Compulsive, and Impulse Disorders Research programs site linked here.


Jorge Valderrama

Clinical Research Associate at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Participate in a Research Study Sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health ( NIMH ).

To participate in the program ,contact through email or phone.

Email: InstituteforGenomicHealth@downstate.edu   

Phone: 718-270-8254