Not all Dermatologists are familiar with Dermatillomania aka Skin Picking Disorder.

We can change that. 

Just request a Derma Resource Packet by donating $10 (to cover shipping) & we will send your Skin Picking Disorder info packet anywhere in the US!

Please leave the shipping address for Derma Resource Packet in comments of donation page!


Derma Resource Packets contain:

- Information on Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Dermatillomania diagnostic criteria, triggers, warning signs, descriptions & images

- Dermatillomania management techniques such as Skin Picking Logs (CBT), Draw with Derma forms (ACT) and fidget toys (HRT)

- Support group listings, research study announcements, nail files, brochures, testimonials, Fiddle Pack coupons, and more!



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