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For every Fiddle Pack we sell, we donate one to a Dermatologist, Pediatrician or sufferer in need
The fiddle pack contains a medley of 18 items that satisfy auditory, tactile, visual, and kinesthetic sensory needs while redirecting excess finger energy into positive activities.

Fiddle Pack

Contains: 1 Brain Stress Ball, 1 Tangle, 1 Wacky Tracks, #PickingMe Pledge Post-Its, Pimple Patch Sheet, Stickers, Coloring Book, Stick Earrings, Temp Tattoos, Nail File, Pipe-Cleaners, Buttons, Finger Clot Covers, Mini Erasers, Pom-Poms, Band-Aid, Band-Aid Holder, Lego, Mesh Finger Toy, Picking Me Pen, Grape Squishy, Spiky Ball, Popper, Finger Trap, Power Putty and Jumping Frog.


@ $20.00 ea.

Fiddle Packs & How They Help

 Each Fiddle Pack contains 20 different sensory objects to help promote finger energy off the body. The difference between our Fiddle Packs with other fidget toy sellers is that we provide a list of tips and suggestions on how to best use each fidget. By proposing a purpose for each individual fidget, we maximize the potential use for the Fiddle Pack and promote healthy behaviors for Skin Picking sufferers.
Plus for every Fiddle Pack we sell, we donate one to a Dermatologist, Pediatrician or sufferer in need

Our Impact

CEO Lauren McKeaney's Fiddle Pack tips

"Consider the items elements of your new self care routine, each with its own job/place/purpose. Their goal isn’t to replace what the skin picking feels like/does, but what it provides. Take the tangle. Try keeping it on your nightstand and each night lay in your bed moving it around your fingers. Think about your day, things for tomorrow, how the fidget feels, what it sounds like... Consider this a training of sorts, some “you” time to work on your derma proactively while taking some mindful self care" -Lauren

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