Our groups are led by Lauren McKeaney, Skin Picking Disorder Specialist
These bi-monthly meetings are designed to discuss experiences, coping mechanisms, and offer social, emotional, and psychological support for sufferers.

Adults group (16 and over) meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30-8:30 PM
Kids group (16 and younger) meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month 6:60-8:00 PM
Located at 770 N LaSalle Dr #410 Chicago, IL 60654

BFRB Support Group focuses on:

  • discussing our experiences
  • worksheets based on ACT/HRT/CBT/Perfectionism
  • sharing medical BFRB updates
  • practicing keeping our fingers busy and off our bodies with fidget toys
  • creating and maintaining hair pulling/ skin picking logs
  • tips on how to share about BFRBs with loved ones, co-workers, schools

Join us



Hair Pullers Anonymous

trichrecovery@yahoo.com  http://www.hpanonymous.org />
This is a 12-step support group for adults affected by Trichotillomania. The format is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, and we use the book Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous (OCA).

OCD Center of Los Angeles--Trichotillomania/Dermatillomania Therapy/Support Groups

Los Angeles, California

director@ocdla.com  http://ocdla.com/skin-picking-dermatillomania-trichotillomania-group  

(310) 824-5200 x4

Five low-fee therapy/support groups, including one exclusively for adults with trichotillomania and/or dermatillomania.

San Diego BFRB Support

San Diego, California

tammy@fletchertherapy.com http://www.facebook.com/bfrbsupport  

(619) 880-7979

Support group for adults (18+)

Spectrum CBT: BFRB CBT/Support Group

Westwood, Los Angeles, California

lmullertherapy@gmail.com http://www.lmullertherapy.com  

(310) 857-6517

Northern Colorado Trichotillomania and Skin Picking Support Group

Northern Colorado, Colorado

northernco.ttm@gmail.com http://nocotrichster.forumshome.com

Meets intermittently at various locations

Denver Support Group

Denver, Colorado


Free of charge and open to any adult (18+)

BFRB Connecticut



BFRBCT meets every other week in different locations in Connecticut, mainly Fairfield County.

Capitol Trich Support Group

Washington, District Of Columbia

polycat33@gmail.com http://groups.google.com/group/capitoltrichsupportgroup

Atlanta Peer Support Group for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB)

Atlanta, Georgia

atlantabfrbgroup@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/108338963191566

BFRB Savannah

Savannah, Georgia


Boise BFRB Support Group

Boise, Idaho


No cost, monthly, peer-led group for all ages.

Boston TLC Support Group for BFRBs

Boston, Massachusetts


For individuals of any age


Columbia, Maryland

psychologynart@gmail.com http://www.drdeborahcole.com

410) 381-7551

Boston H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Educate and Reach out to Trichsters & Skin Pickers)

Boston/Boxborough, Massachusetts

bostontrich@gmail.com http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f084da5aa23a4fe3-feb22trich

(774) 275-7108

The group is open to kids and teens (under 17) living with Trichotillomania and/or Dermatillomania

Minneapolis Free BFRB support group

Minneapolis, Minnesota

mntrichgroup@gmail.com http://www.meetup.com/TrichFree/

(507) 676-0196

Minneapolis Free trichotillomania/skin picking support group

Minneapolis, Minnesota

mntrichgroup@gmail.com http://www.meetup.com/TrichFree/

BFRB Treatment Groups

St. Louis, Missouri

lchackes@yahoo.com  http://www.mindfulstl.com

(314) 561-9757

For Children, Teens, & Adults

Omaha Free Trichotillomania Support Group

Omaha, Nebraska

omahatrichsupportgroup@gmail.com http://www.omahatrichsupportgroup.webs.com

(402) 312-3396

This group is open to people of all ages who suffer with trichotillomania.

Las Vegas Free Trichotillomania Support Group

Las Vegas, Nevada

Free peer support group for men, women and children of all ages suffering from trichotillomania.

Reno BFRB Support Group

Reno, Nevada


Informal support group available for all ages and people who struggle with BFRB.

Seacoast Trichotillomania Support Group for Hair Pullers and Skin Pickers

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

seacoasttrich@gmail.com  http://www.communitycampus.org/directions.cfm

This group is currently not meeting but you can email Kate to get updates on when the group will start meeting again.

BFRB support group of South Jersey/Greater Philadelphia

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

mail@thecenterforemotionalhealth.com http://www.thecenterforemotionalhealth.com

Open to the BFRB community and their support persons of all ages.

Manhattan/ New York City Support Group

Manhattan/ New York City, New York


Upstate NY/ Syracuse Trich and BFRB Support Group

Upstate NY/ Syracuse, New York


New York Trichotillomania and Skin Picking Meetup Group

New York City, New York

drshinar@behaviortherapynyc.com http://www.behaviortherapynyc.com

(917) 806-0155

Charlotte Support Group

Charlotte, North Carolina


Mason Trichotillomania Support/Education Group

Mason, Ohio

(513) 770-3231

Adult Women's BFRB group

Portland, Oregon

danielle@portandocd.com http://www.portlandocd.com

(503) 704-6101

Pittsburgh BFRB Support Group

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(724) 799-8300

Providence Hair Pulling and Skin Picking Therapy Group

Providence, Rhode Island

(401) 273-3322 x3

Adult BFRB Support Group

Nashville, Tennessee


Houston BFRB Support Group

Houston, Texas


(713) 465-7280

Austin Support Group

Austin, Texas

austintrichgroup@gmail.com http://austintrichsupport.weebly.com/meetings--events.html

voice mail: 512-677-9730

Free and open to all adult hair pullers and skin pickers.

Cache Valley Trichotillomania Support Group

Logan, Utah


(435) 881-0370

Crowning Glory Hair Loss Support Group

Salt Lake City, Utah

contact@betterimageut.com http://betterimageut.com/crowning-glory-hair-loss-support-group/

(801) 208-9548

Support group for Trichotillomania, Alopecia, and Skin Picking.

BFRB Support Group

Manchester, Vermont


(818) 319-2720

For high school students grades 9-12

Trichotillomania & Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Support Group

Vienna, Virginia

groups@thewomenscenter.org /

(703) 281-4928 ext 236

South Sound Trichsters Peer Support Group

Tacoma, Washington

southsoundtrichsters@yahoo.com http://southsoundtrichsters.blogspot.com/

Seattle Area Professionally Assisted group for Trichotillomania and other BFRBs

Seattle, Washington

dkosins@u.washington.edu http://www.davidkosins.com

(206) 285-0900

A monthly 90 minute support group for adults with BFRB's who are participating in CBT for their condition.

Milwaukee Youth Pullers Support Group

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This is a support group for kids and teens who suffer from hair pulling disorder.


Adelaide Trichotillomania Support Group

Adelaide, South Australia

rslikboer@swin.edu.au http://www.arcvic.org.au

The Original Trichotillomania Support Group in Surrey Hills

Melbourne, Victoria

arcmail@arcvic.com.au http://www.arcvic.org.au

(039) 830-0533 or 13 00269438

Canadian BFRB Support Network

For more Canadian support group listings, visit: http://www.canadianbfrb.org/

BFRB Edmonton & Area

Edmonton, Calgary

bfrbedmonton@gmail.com http://www.trichunited.com


Dartmouth (Halifax), Nova Scotia


Skin Picking Selbsthilfegruppe Köln

Cologne, Köln-Mülheim

dermatillomanie@gmx.de http://www.skin-picking.de

0049 221 168 707 71

Support Group for Adults with Trich


information@ocdireland.com https://sites.google.com/a/ocdireland.org/ocd-ireland/

Tricotillomania Mexico

Hair Pulling & Skin Picking Support Group



Hair Pulling & Skin Picking (BFRBs) Support Group London