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ALL June we will be donating

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to Hope Life International
in Gambia, West Africa!

There is already so much shame and misunderstanding around BFRBs that when Hope Life reached out to us for help destigmatizing Dermatillomania, we took action.

Dr. Joseph Idigba Awura, Director of Hope Life International in Gambia, West Africa, connected with us in search for much-needed Skin Picking Disorder resources for his clinic and community.

He shared of the mistreatment of some sufferers stemming from the belief the BFRBs are attributed to witchcraft. Last fall, we sent a shipment of resources to their clinic and are happy that the #PickingMe resources have been helpful to them. But Joseph shared that they are still struggling financially to bring more #Dermatillomania awareness and support to their patients.

Are you ready to help someone feel less alone with this disorder?

We are so excited to announce that

Beyond Borders CBT 
will MATCH donations up to $500!

Help us help Hope Life International raise funds in honor of Skin Picking Disorder and BFRB awareness in Gambia, West Africa today!

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♥ About Hope Life International ♥

HLI is a charitable org established in 2004, in The Gambia, West Africa, to fight poverty, diseases, & to train and advocate for health & community development. HLI is presently working with people affected by BFRBs in the Gambia communities. They provide treatment, information, education, and awareness in communities. In the Gambia people with BFRBs suffer a lot of discrimination, including not being able to access education, healthcare, and social activity. As a health care advocator in the country HLI believes it’s their responsibility to create awareness about BFRBs among the general public so that people will be aware and those suffering will come for help.

♥ Interview with Joseph Idigba Awuru ♥