Picking Me advocates Mental Health awareness and acceptance for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors- such as Dermatillomania aka Skin Picking Disorder- for sufferers, supporters, and educational communities alike, encouraging individuals to take control back from the OCD related disorder by sharing why they are #PickingMe over their BFRB.

Picking Me Foundation is the only registered nonprofit advocating this particular mental illness. Other mental illness advocacy orgs have been around for years and have had their disorder diagnosable for decades. Dermatillomania has only been diagnosable as of 2013 (DSM-V). Dermatillomania is the “peoples’” term, the medical term via the DSM-V as of 2013 is Excoriation Disorder- abbreviated as SPD for Skin Picking Disorder. As an org that serves the people, we use Dermatillomania aka Skin Picking Disorder.

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