Picking Me travels nationwide speaking and exhibiting
at mental health conferences, nonprofit expos, high school counselor coalitions, dermatologist workshops, health club events and more.

Press Features:

Nonprofit Hub, “Here for Good” Summer 2016 
By Claire Schinn

TLC Foundation for BFRBs, “In Touch” Fall 2016 
By Lauren McKeaney

Past Engagements:

  • Addiction, Compulsive, Impulse Disorder local Outreach Partner 2017
  • TLC Foundation Exhibitor & Presenter 2017
  • Mental Health American Exhibitor 2017
  • International OCD Foundation Exhibitor and Support Group Leader 2017
  • Fundraising and Development for Nonprofits Conference 2017
  • Bridging the Divide: Building Community in Illinois 2017
  • Nonprofit Conference: Focus on the Important 2017
  • Dermatology Associates of St. Louis Presenter 2017
  • Nonprofit Hub Cause Camp Scholarship Winner 2016
  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America Exhibitor 2016
  • High School Counselor Coalition of St. Louis Presenter 2016
  • International OCD Foundation Exhibitor 2016
  • TLC Foundation Exhibitor 2016


Picking Me Meet Ups:

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