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Submit a Skin Picking Impact Video!

If you've been touched (no pun) by our skin picking nonprofit and are interested in being a voice for those silently suffering, please consider participating in our Dermatillomania video.

Thank you to the testimonials we have received from you incredible individuals! Hearing your skin picking experience and the impact of Picking Me is beyond moving & inspirational. We are lucky and honored you are sharing your story. We are so much louder together!

So please find a quiet, well lit space, wear no logos, speak loud and clear, and record yourself on Zoom or your phone vertical answering the list of questions below. Then send the file via WeTransfer to or fill out our online form here. Thank you so much fam!

Interested in helping us develop more Skin Picking Disorder awareness resources & events like these? Please consider making a donation! Your support is helps keep our mission alive. Thank you fam!

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