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We asked sufferers on their experience with loved ones and Skin Picking Disorder, as well as some tips they'd give to supporters
Guest blogger The Uncustomary Housewife shares her experience having Dermatillomania at ComicCon!

#SelfLove isn't selfish, it's #SelfCare

The owner of the Mind Me blog gives us her feedback on our Fiddle Pack!
Brand Manager Meredith tests out The Original Makeup Remover and Always Off Makeup Cloths
Picking Me Foundation communications intern Paul Steeno dishes on his experience working here this summer.
Taking ownership of your Dermatillomania is a fantastic way to take back control from this controlling disorder.

Guest blogger Kim Mills reflects on her journey battling Dermatillomania and talks about how escaping her comfort zone has helped her win this battle.
The Ultimate Women's Expo provides Picking Me Foundation with one of the biggest platforms it has ever had.

Educating themselves, being empathetic, and removing triggers are all ways that friends of dermatillomania sufferers can offer support.

The effects of skin picking can be severe and even life threatening.

Skin-picking sufferers are more prone to infections than the average person because of the wounds they create on their body through their picking. Here are some tips to prevent wounds from becoming infected.

Picking Me Foundation digital marketing intern Karen Fragoso talks about her experience interning at this organization.

Preparing answers for common questions people have about dermatillomania beforehand will help skin-picking sufferers avoid uncomfortable exchanges.

Picking Me Foundation volunteer and skin-picking sufferer Alyssa DeBock reviews the Fiddle Pack.