Dermatillomania sufferers are a largely underreported and misunderstood community.
We aim to strengthen and expand our community through campaigns, events and more!

Community Activities

"Came across this on Instagram and seeing how many others have this condition makes me feel so much better and like I’m not alone. Thank you. You do not know how much just seeing this page means to me." -Kayla

Upcoming Events:

"I had no idea that organisations such as yours exists. I always thought I was the only one who has this problem ..." -Thureya

Past Events:

"It's so nice to know that there are other people that have this and that it doesn't have to define me!!" -Danielle

Ways To Help Our Community:

"I was no longer ALONE. It wasn't JUST ME... and I didn't have the ability to 'just stop picking' ...none of us do, on our own." -@Myredpoodle