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3% of the global population suffers with Skin Picking Disorder.

1 out of 20 people have a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior.
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"Picking Me Foundation is a place where I can go to find people like me, read their stories, try their advice, and feel less alone. Body focused repetitive behaviors are really hard to overcome alone, so finding people to make you feel less alone will make everything so much easier, and you'll feel understood and appreciated the whole way.” -@hopefuldermatillomaniac

"#PickingMe has shown me hope and a community for people living with Skin Picking, not only based in Northern America, but also on a more international scale. They provide me and us with so much support and remember me to pick me over anything." -@hautfarbenschwarz

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We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation (NFP TAX ID: 81-3467970)

"#PickingMe over Skin Picking actually touches my heart bc if I am stressed I will pick at my skin. I did it so much in high school I got a staph infection and in college MRSA. If you struggle with Skin Picking, check them out @pickingmefdn" -@Haffner20

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