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Skin Picking Self Portrait Workshop: Photo Sharing Ceremony

Monday, May 2, 2022
6:30 pm8:00 pm

Your Story: Self Portrait Workshop Empowering Skin Pickers

Led by Authentic Essence Photographer & founder of @myrromedia Savannah Power, we're hosting a two-part #SkinPicking self-portrait workshop to help teach photography, self-worth, storytelling, & inspire hope and fortify the #Dermatillomania community.

Self-Portrait Tutorial
Wed, April 27 / 6:30 CST on Zoom
Virtual Photo Sharing Ceremony
Mon, May 2 / 6:30 CST on Zoom

We are so thrilled to offer our community the opportunity to capture the essence of their skin-picking in an authentic, safe and artistic way.
As your facilitators, we’ll empower you with some photography basics to help you create a self-portrait that reflects your truth – all with nothing more than a smart phone! You’ll receive a LIVE self-portrait tutorial, simple self-portraiture PDF, a daily Self-compassion for Skin-Pickers Meditation and access to a private virtual photo sharing ceremony.
This project encourages you to honor your relationship to your picking wherever you are at with it. We encourage participants to create photos around any aspect of their picking they feel comfortable expressing. This is an opportunity to be deeply seen and celebrated by your fellow skin-pickers, but more importantly to be seen and celebrated by yourself.
Join us for this 7 day journey into a deeper understanding and expression of skin picking.

Register today at (or tap link in bio) to download your daily Self-compassion for Skin-Pickers meditation!