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Celebrate Picking Me's 2nd Birthday
August 16

Picking Me Foundation is dedicated to advocating Dermatillomania (Skin Picking Disorder) awareness for sufferers, supporters, and educational communities alike, encouraging individuals to choose themselves over the mental illness that chose them.

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"I had no idea that organisations such as yours exists. I always thought I was the only one who has this problem ... It feels like the scars don't disappear, also because I keep scratching. This makes me feel self conscious. I feel guilty because I feel like I am betraying God by abusing the body he gave me, yet I struggle to stop." -Thureya, 36, South Africa


"I pull and peel the skin off the tips of my fingers... I have always been too embarrassed to talk about to ANYONE. And I am over sixty years old. I have done this since as far back as I can remember. It started with nail biting in grade school. I feel very alone in the world with this." -Dawn

"I think the one thing that truly got to me the most was when I finally said to myself, "this is madness - by definition - madness! In all these years of picking your skin, it's never ONCE made it better in any way - it has only ever made it WORSE. After that, any time I felt an imperfection in my skin that was starting to drive me crazy, I reminded myself to stop, breathe, and be rational. I visualized the worst aftereffects of a picking session and asked myself which I would rather live with. Today, I'm proud to say my picking is well under control (not without the occupational moments of brief weakness!)" -Kristin


Dermatillomania affects 1 out of 25 individuals, that's 1 child in each classroom.
Without your help we would never have been able to create the resources to help these individuals.

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