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Fiddle Pack Review

Every item in the Fiddle Pack is helpful in its own way. What is awesome about the Fiddle Pack is that you can experience a multitude of sensations. My favorite fidget toy is the tangle. The tangle produces the most satisfying feeling for me. The Picking Me pen is also a great tool for counting and distracting yourself. Sometimes clicking the pen a certain number of times can relieve OCD tendencies in the moment. I also like to keep a sketch pad in the bathroom (where I normally pick) because then I can use the pen to draw instead. Another useful tool is the nail file. I like the nail file because it allows me to do something to my body without injury. Filing nails produces an interesting sensation while also allowing me to use my perfectionistic thinking by focusing on shaping the nails correctly. The most thoughtful part of the Fiddle Pack is probably the slip with tips and suggestions.


The effectiveness of the Fiddle Pack increases dramatically when one understands how to use different items. Of course, every recipient of the Fiddle Pack will figure out the ways the tools work best for them, but having a starting point is very helpful. The tips can also be used as a checklist. Each time I tried a different suggestion, I made a mark next to it. It helped me feel like I was taking control and diversifying my prevention methods. While it helps to be creative, even the least creative among us can benefit from the Fiddle Pack because of the information that is included with it. I still have different toys to test out for a longer period of time, but so far, the Fiddle Pack has improved my ability to distract myself and take control of the situation. I would highly recommend the Fiddle Pack to any dermatillomania or body-focused repetitive behavior sufferer out there.