Preparing answers for common questions people have about dermatillomania beforehand will help skin-picking sufferers avoid uncomfortable exchanges.

Picking Me Foundation intern Michael Stefan fondly remembers his exprience interning at the Picking Me Foundation.
Picking Me Foundation volunteer and skin-picking sufferer Alyssa DeBock reviews the Fiddle Pack.
Skin picking and perfectionism go hand-in-hand, but there are several steps sufferers can take to avoid letting their perfectionism become a trigger for their skin picking.

Picking Me Foundation Founder and CEO Lauren McKeaney had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Drew Pinsky at the International OCD Conference in Washington D.C. last week.
A mirror and skin picking go together like orange juice and toothpaste. Here's how skin-picking sufferers can avoid the triggering effects of looking into a mirror.
Are you a skin picker who is sick of getting destroyed by mosquitoes in the summer? This list of strategies should help.
Picking Me Foundation intern Alyssa Debock details her journey living with Skin Picking Disorder.
Picking Me Foundation intern Alyssa Debock shares methods she uses to fight back against her Skin Picking.
Since only one out of ten Dermatologists are familiar with this Disorder, choosing a specialist is a lot more complicated
Make self acceptance your summer goal
Dermatillomania shouldn't stop you from a fun time with pals!
Due to lack of awareness, Dermatillomania is constantly misunderstood
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