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#DrawingWithDerma: Sofiya

"Ever since I could remember I have compulsively picked at my skin. When I felt stressed, sad, angry, it didn't matter. I have always been picking. It started with my feet, then my face, arms and soon it reached my back.
After years of picking not my back is covered in hyper-pigmented scars, especially on my left shoulder blade. In order to cover up the scars and in hopes of helping myself to stop picking, I decided to design this galaxy tattoo. It will extend from my left shoulder down to my waist.
In the place of every hyper-pigmented scar, there will be a beautiful star. The pain I have put myself through over the years will be replaced by a beautiful galaxy and every star will be a reminder of what I have put myself through. Hopefully one day I will gain control."
Galaxy of Scars By Sofiya Elzanaty, 19, Canada
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