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3 IG Posts Using #PickingMe

Do you have a Skin Picking experience you want to share on Instagram? Make sure to share it with our hashtag #PickingMe and you'll be featured! Here are just a few awesome posts by our community who've used our tag:


"Absolutely love this shirt from @selfcareisforeveryone dedicated to removing the stigma from mental illness. Going on meditation and starting therapy was one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

This week is BFRB awareness week, or Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. Growing up I always struggled with these behaviors, especially biting my nails and picking my skin. If I felt a bump in my face, I would poke and prod and come out bleeding and with permanent scars. The past few months I began to realize how this was affecting those around me. I would pick at my face when watching TV and start bleeding. I didn’t even consciously know it was happening. I felt like I was the only one. The reality is 1 in 20 people suffer from BFRB. I brought it up in therapy and learned I was exhibiting classic signs of excoriation, the mental health defined term for compulsive skin picking. In opening up

I found a community of likeminded people (thanks @pickingmefdn!) and have begun making positive shifts in my attitudes and behaviors. . I have a long way to go, but I am incredibly thankful to the amazing organizations who are working to erase the stigma around mental health #PickingMe" -@_adulting201_


"Wow. I can't believe it's been 7 years with dermatillomania. Yes, it has taught me so much. Like resilience. But it has also taken so much. I honestly, CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE. My skin can't handle any more harm. My soul either. If there's a God up there, come one dude. Help me!!! I see this picture and all I see is a good (and veeery tired) woman trying to enjoy life. Why won't you let her? Ugh. I guess those questions should be directed to myself, tho. I don't know... #PickingMe" -@PickingMySkin


"#diaryofaskinpicker SKIN UPDATE ! My skin is doing so much better I’ve been really good these past 2months still picking but somehow been able to control myself abit better .I find that the hydration cream from #kiko really works for me & what’s also has been working so I don’t touch/pick my skin is wearing bbcream during the week I use it as an alternative instead of foundation also helps my skin feel moist. I usually just post when my skin is doing bad but I remembered this time ! #PickingMe" -@sharon.vaccianna