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#DrawingWithDerma: Kyken

"Many people pick at their skin once in a while, but sometimes it crosses the line into a condition called skin picking disorder (dermatillomania)

When this happens, picking at the skin can become so frequent and intense that it causes bleeding, sores, and scars.
Some people with this disorder repeatedly scratch to try to remove what they see as some kind of imperfection in their skin. Some are addicted to the physically satisfying feeling of popping a pimple or rather producing the feeling of relief by exerting physical pressure.

It's hard to say exactly when skin picking changes from a mild, nervous habit to a serious problem that could need treatment. It may help to ask the following questions:
* Does picking at your skin take up a lot of time during the day?
* Do you have noticeable scars from skin picking?
* Do you feel upset when you think about how much you pick your skin?
* Does picking at your skin get in the way of your social or professional life? For example, do you avoid the beach or the gym because people might see your scars? Or do you spend a lot of time covering up sores before work or social events?

If these aspects apply to you and your habit, maybe try to find out what you are stressed about and how you can help you and make your everyday-life less stressfull. Don‘t be ashamed or afraid of talking to a therapist or a professional. Skinpicking is nothing anyone must be afraid of. I thank you for the attention and hope my art shows you that you are not alone with that issue. You‘re still beautiful. Even if the wounds are fresh. |Kykën|" -@Ky_k_en

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