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7 Skin Picking Barriers to Try

One way Skin Picking can be triggered is when you feel any imperfections, bumps or foreign textures on yourself. The picking motion can be done without you even realizing it, as your fingers mindlessly scan your body for any of these sensations. One way to try and minimize these triggers is by placing a barrier across them, or on your fingers themselves. By placing something between the potentially picked spot, the sensation becomes different and it allows you to be more aware of where your fingers are on your body. Here a few different barriers #PickingMe suggests to help reduce picking triggers:

-Tape small pieces of Gaff Tape across your fingernail to finger pad. The tape is super sticky but cloth-like, helping alert you when your fingers are scanning
-Place Band aids over triggering areas to prevent picking urges
-Use Pimple Patches on face/neck/chest areas to cover zits and reduce swelling
-Wrap Gauze Medical Tape around the triggering areas to allow healing
-Try Acrylic or Fake Nails to dull and diminish the actual fingernail’s ability to pick at skin
-Wear Spa Gloves to bed and any gloves while driving to prevent roaming fingers from picking
-Slip on individual Finger Cots to block access to main picking fingers

Have you tried any of these barriers? Let us know how they worked @pickingmefdn, don't forget to use our hashtag #PickingMe!