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My Apartment Looks Different Because Of Skin Picking Disorder

Skin Picking Disorder not only affects our skin, but it can also affect our surroundings and personal spaces. CEO Lauren McKeaney shares the little ways her apartment appears different because of this disorder:

-Instead of utensils in my kitchen drawer, I have face wipes for daily skin care without triggering mirrors. 
-Little marks from popped zits hit my mirrors and sometimes I leave them there.
-Scarves hang on my hallway mirror to block where my face and chest would align, so that I don’t get stuck looking for perceived imperfections. And I’m a Steven Tyler fan. 
-There’s a vast array of skin care products lining my bathroom even though I don’t use most of them. 
-I have supportive notes written in lipstick from my best friends across my bathroom mirror.

What are some ways your living space is affected by this disorder? Can you relate to any of Lauren's differences? Let us know @pickingmefdn and #PickingMe