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Telling Your Doctor You Struggle with Dermatillomania

Going to the doctors office can be anxiety-inducing enough, so telling them about your struggles with Dermatillomania on top of that can feel impossible! But letting them know about your experiences with Skin Picking can be the first step in getting help in managing your disorder. We've compiled a list of tips to help make that initial conversation easier and allow you to start #PickingMe over Skin Picking!
-Keep busy. Waiting room jitters are real, so keeping your hands busy with a fidget toy or crossword puzzle during that time can be helpful.
-Wear loose clothing. This allows you to easily show your doctor specific trigger areas on your skin and gives them a better idea of your experience
-Come prepared. Bring a list of topics and questions you'd like to talk about, so you don't forget anything in the moment.
-Have info. There's always a chance your doctor might not be super familiar with the disorder, since it's only been diagnosable since 2013. Arriving with resources from our website is a good idea just in case this happens.
-Inform them of any antibiotics. Skin Picking Disorder can lead to infections and other complications, so letting your doctor know all of the medication you're on is important. You can also ask them about different healing medications, such a Mucipiron.
-Treat Yourself! Once you're done, take time for some self care knowing that you just took some awesome steps for your picking management!