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Ways to Decrease Dermatillomania during Isolation

Check out our newest resource on ways to decrease Dermatillomania during isolation. We hope this helps lessen Skin Picking episodes in these hard times:

-Hang a mirror 2 inches higher or lower than it was
-Fidget with tangles, boinks, putty, coins, keys, or cubes
-Drape scarves over a mirror
-Remove the light bulb from a trigger room
-Stay arm’s length away from the mirror
-Leave fidgets out on visible surfaces
-Reach out to a friend or loved one
-Turn the faucet or fan on in the bathroom to monitor & lessen time
-Splash water on the sink counter to prevent leaning close into the mirror
-Dim the lights in the bathroom
-Wear preventative barriers like gloves, band aids, tape or clothing
-Place #PickingMe patches on perceived imperfections as barriers
-Write self love notes on your mirror
-Connect socially while distancing with #PickingMe