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Quarantine Quips: Acrylics & Skin Picking

Quarantine and Dermatillomania has not been a fun combo and we hear your struggles! With nail salons closed, sufferers who use acrylics as a picking deterrent are experiencing challenges. Sufferers are unable to continuing maintaining acrylics. Not only is it triggering to have easily pickable over-grown acrylics, once they're removed it can be easy to dig your nails under your skin again.

Check out what our Skin Picking community is saying about this, as well as some tips from us on ways to combat this struggle!

#PickingMe's Tips:
-Try nail alternatives, like store- bought pop ons, gel or dip nails
-Clip your nails short regularly If you have acrylics, let them grow out on their own or have a friend remove them, instead of picking them off yourself
-Moisturize cuticles to prevent any triggering dryness
-Use barriers like finger cots, bandaids or gloves
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