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Quarantine Quips: Isolation & Skin Picking

With Quarantine, there can come those feelings of isolation. Not being able to do your daily routine or experiencing a sudden drop in your social life is enough to make anyone stressed. And to those with Skin Picking, you may find yourself being more prone to pick at areas. But you're not alone in this dilemma, many sufferers are going through the same thing!

Check out what our Skin Picking community is saying about this, as well as some tips from us on ways to combat this struggle!

#PickingMe's Tips:
-Take time for self care; it can be as simple an action as taking a shower
-Stay connected digitally with friends or loved ones. Set up recurring meetings to check-in on each other
-Get outside if you’re able to & enjoy some fresh air
-Post or comment with #PickingMe to connect with Skin Pickers going through similar experiences
-Jot down a list of things you love about yourself for a moment of self love and reflection
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