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Hi all!

We’ve compiled a list of all the amazing Black Mental Health advocates, Entrepreneurs, Dermatologists, Beauty Brands, Therapists and more for you like, follow and share if you haven’t already! (Check below!) So many thanks to Alishia McCullough (@blackandembodied) and Jessica Wilson (@jessicawilson.msrd) for creating #AmplifyMelanatedVoices. But as the trending tag slows, action is needed now.

We’re dedicated to using our platform to continue working on Dermatillomania awareness and are working harder to represent Skin Picking Disorder not just through a white lens. We are here to share your stories, spread awareness, provide resources and create a community worldwide. Our priority is to create a safe space to anyone, anywhere suffering with Dermatillomania and we will continue learning new ways to do so everyday. If you ever have any questions/concerns, are open to being featured or just want to chat, our DMs are always open or email!

Much love always, #PickingMe

Black Mental Health Advocates & Activists:



Black Therapists, Social Workers & Therapy Resources:


Black Dermatologists & Skin Care Professionals:



Black Female CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Founders: