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Summer Tips for Skin Pickers: Wearing Less Clothes

In a recent poll, many #PickingMe community members expressed their concern for wearing more skin-revealing clothes in the hot summer months, with the topics of confidence, unwarranted comments and feeling more triggered to to pick at exposed skin areas. Check out some of our tips on ways you can combat these concerns!

Feeling comfortable

It’s a Process

Feeling fully comfortable in more skin-revealing clothes is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Start off by wearing these clothes in the comfort of your home, then maybe during a quick errand, then to an event with loved-ones. Work your way up.

Unfollow Toxic Accounts

Take the time to clean your feed of unrealistic be- auty standards, pore-less skin depictions and other accounts that you find you’re comparing yourself to. Follow accounts that showcase skin diversity and positivity. Follow ones you feel represent YOU.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way or sacrifice your comfortability because if what you think is “normal.” If you’d rather wear long sleeves or pants, that is your choice. Summer clothes are whatever you define them as.

Concealing Tips

Breathable Clothes

If you’re not comfortable showing more skin just yet, try opting for more breathable fabrics in the summer heat, such as linen or cotton. You can also experiment layering with sheer or mesh materials to conceal skin without feeling fully covered.


When opting to wear more skin-revealing clothes, you may be more tempted to pick at open areas. Carry barriers like band-aids, pimple patches or gauze to quickly cover those spots that trigger you. 

Body Concealer

Another option if you’re not yet fully comfortable going bare-skin is trying body concealer. They can cover up scars and discoloration. When you’re searching for brands, make sure to look for ones that are waterproof.

Dealing with comments

Prep Beforehand

Unfortunately, people love to make unnecessary comments on other’s visible skin. Mentally prep beforehand by knowing what you’re comfortable saying to loved-one’s or complete strangers. You can share resources about the disorder, tell them it’s not their business or not say anything at all.

Set Boundaries

You do not owe anyone an explanation. Set clear boundaries with yourself and make them known. It may feel like you’re being “rude” at first, but you’re simply advocating for your Mental Health.

Ignore Ignorance

Comments about your skin might be well intentioned but negatively received. Know that you’re not wearing these clothes for anyone but yourself. You can try educating. Or open up to your loved ones if you are ready, so they can understand this is not your fault. And if strangers comment, knowing how much you want to say and when to move on is key.

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