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Quarantine Quips: Face Touching & Skin Picking

When Quarantine first started, the phrase "don't touch your face!" was plastered over every news station and media outlet. And as we're deep in the middle of social distancing guidelines, this message stills rings true. And as we know with Dermatillomania, many of us simply cannot just "stop" touching and picking our face. It's literally a compulsion!

Check out what our Skin Picking community is saying about this, as well as some tips from us on ways to combat this struggle!

#PickingMe's Tips:
-Look up and try out different breathing exercises
-Download a mindfulness or calming app to use as a resource during anxious moments
-Get up and move your body to release some pent up energy
-Schedule time to do something you love, maybe it’s baking or crafting; anything you just enjoy doing
-Talk to a trusted friend if you’re struggling or reach out to us at #pickingme!
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