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Summer Tips for Skin Pickers: SunBurn

One thing that's inevitable about spending long summer days outside: sun damage. And with Dermatillomania, the urge to pick at peeling, sunburnt skin is real. Check out our list of tips on how you can best avoid this triggering summer aspect as well as some soothing aftercare suggestions.

Sunburn Prevention

Spray Sunscreen

To avoid any hand-to-skin contact, use a spray-on sunscreen. Opt for a light-weight can with 30 SPF or higher. Spray 6 inches away every 2 hours.

Facial Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen face stick or SPF towelettes for contact-free facial application. They’re easy to fit in a bag or pocket for quick reapplication.

MakeUp Options

When applying makeup, use a foundation or primer with added SPF. Try sun blocking lipsticks and chapsticks for added protection on vunerable lips.

SPF Clothing

Many outdoor clothing brands carry breathable  options with SPF to help avoid triggering burns.

During SunTime

Stay Cool

Use hand-held electronic fans or paper ones, and try a facial-mist to diminish over-heating.

Know the Sun’s Strength

Be wary of extended outside activity between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. when the sun’s damaging UV rays are at their highest. Wear a hat for head protection.

Carry Wipes

Bring on-the-go face wipes like Dickenson’s or Hello Cider ACV to clean sweaty skin before reapplying sunscreen.

Scar Protection

Protect scars with sunscreens, moisturizers, or full-on covers like bandaids. Pay special attention to scars when applying SPF, and keep open wounds covered in breathable gauze or bandages.

Sunburn Aftercare


Grab aloe gel, cream or wipes to soothe painful burns. Layer up, cover with gauze or tight clothing, and let it soak in. Pro tip: refrigerate the aloe before using.

Oatmeal Bath

Draw a lukewarm bath with oatmeal to relax. Pat dry after and wrap up in something gentle on the skin.

Awareness Tactics

If you catch yourself picking at peeling burns, take action by grabbing a nearby fidget or covering the area with bandages or clothing. Be aware of where you caught yourself picking, try switching up your surroundings and tape your fingers to prevent them from scanning.

Skin Care

Help speed up healing with a moisturizer with Vitamin E to apply regularly on flaking skin. Post  burn, use a gentle loofa in the shower to help rid dead skin without contact. Drink lots of water.

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