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Downloadable Management Tip PDFs: Skin Picking & Infections

Let's talk about infections! With Skin Picking Disorder, the possibility of getting infections is very real. Having open wounds and picked skin can make us vulnerable to bacteria and lead to some serious complications.
Our own CEO, Lauren McKeaney, knows all too well about this. In 2014, after being hospitalized for an intense picking episode on her thigh, she contracted the life-taking bacteria MRSA.
She was fortunate enough to heal, but only after having 8 inches of her thigh removed and completing months of physical therapy. Infections are no joke, so having the proper resources and knowledge on them is very important.
That's why we've compiled a PDF of tips on how to help prevent, recognize and treat infections. Click the image below to download our PDF! Feel free to print it out, share it with friends, tape it to your wall, etc!
And if you have an infection story to share, want to comment on how our management tips helped you or just want to chat, feel free to email!