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Downloadable Management Tip PDFs: Supporting A Friend with Dermatillomania

Forming friendships can be hard and when you add having Dermatillomania on top of that, it can feel difficult to open up. Whether it's with a life-long pal or a new acquaintance, sharing you have Skin Picking Disorder can be quite a nerve-wracking experience.
That's why we've created a PDF of tips when you feel you're ready to talk about your Dermatillomania with pals, as well as suggestions on how friends and loved ones can support Skin Picking Disorder strugglers.
Friends are meant to support and be compassionate towards each other, so whether you're a Skin Picking struggler or a friend of one, remember it probably won't be as scary or uncomfortable as you may imagine!
Click the image below to download our tips and feel free to share with friends, family, strugglers and anyone looking for Dermatillomania knowledge!
And if you have a Skin Picking & friendship story to share, want to comment on how our management tips helped you or just want to chat, feel free to email!
Supporting A Friend