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Downloadable Management Tip PDFs: Avoiding the Triggering Effects of Mirrors

For some Skin Picking Disorder strugglers, the simple act of looking into the mirror isn't so easy. Mirrors allow us to pick apart (literally) every perceived imperfection on our skin.
Many strugglers in our community have shared their experiences of being stuck in the mirror, triggered to pick at their skin until blemishes are "fixed," bumps are "smoothed" and "imperfections" are eradicated.
This can result in a trance-like state of focused picking, where hours can pass in front of our reflection by and we don't even notice.
That's why we've created a list of tips on how to deter those picking urges mirrors can create!
Click the image below to download our tips and feel free to share with friends, keep as a reminder in your bathroom, email to fellow strugglers, etc!
And if you have a Skin Picking & mirror story to share, want to comment on how our management tips helped you or just want to chat, feel free to email!