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#NationalSelfieDay Challenge 2021

With Dermatillomania, taking selfies can sometimes be a challenge. The pressure to have perfect, airbrushed skin can feel overwhelming on social media. That's why for National Selfie Day yesterday, we asked YOU, our amazing community, to share a selfie along with an empowering message of why you're choosing youself over this disorder.

We were blown away by your response! The #PickingMe over Skin Picking pledges of self love and care you shared are so inspiring. Thank you to our amazing community and all the participants who shared their selfie in honor of Dermatillomania awareness. And so many thanks to Rick McNeely for creating this awesome platform and encouraging the selfie love.

Check out our awesome submissions below!

"I'm #PickingMe over Skin Picking because..."

Thank you to all those who've participated in our National Selfie Day challenge! Your messages of self advocacy are truly inspiring!