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ShareYourStory: Ross

"I spent many years thinking I had “bad skin” but as touching and poking and prodding my face got worse and worse over the years i realized something else was going on. I have Dermatillomania, a body focused repeated behavior (BFRB). The second photo is a side by side of what my skin looks like when I’m engaging with the behavior and also when I put tons of makeup on to hide the behavior. This is NOT a before and after. I am not cured. This is something i deal with daily. It’s gotten significantly better but I relapse often. It requires internal work more than anything. Changing my thoughts and language about my skin is the hardest work but the most necessary. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need to connect about this. You are not alone."-Ross M, NYC, @rosserinstyles

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