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Bathroom Strategies to Prevent Skin Picking

For some Skin Pickers, just simply entering a bathroom can be a nightmare. What was supposed to be a quick face washing or makeup check, can quickly turn into a three hour picking session. Just ask CEO Lauren McKeaney, who has spent many hours staring into her bathroom mirror, transfixed on perceived imperfections. Over the years, Lauren has developed some tactics to combat the never ending bathroom battle.
Here are some of her suggestions if the b room is triggering for you:

-Dim your bathroom lights or unscrew a light bulb to change the lighting
-Turn the lights off and use hallway lighting and/or candles
-Sprinkle water on the bathroom sink to deter you from leaning forward to inspect in the mirror and getting your elbows/clothes wet
-Run the faucet when you enter the bathroom as an accountability checker and reminder to stay present and turn the faucet off and leave
-Tape a #PickingMe Pledge on you mirror reminding you that you are #PickingMe over Skin Picking Because...

Let us know how these strategies worked and share some of your own @pickingmefdn & don't forget to use our hashtag #PickingMe!