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Managing Your Dermatillomania During the Corona Virus Pandemic

This year, the news of the spread of COVID-19 has been on everyone's minds. Risk of the Corona Virus may be anxiety inducing and you may be experiencing a harder time managing your Dermatillomania. The CDC’s encouragement to “not touch your face” can be particularly hard and even triggering if you struggle with Skin Picking Disorder.

Here are some tips to help along with CDC guidelines:

Wash your fidgets
Take this time to wipe down your very much handheld helpers. Fidget cubes, spinners, chains, tangles, toys, twiddles, fiddles, and more are constantly picked-up and handled by our energy-seeking fingers, use disinfectant wipes and give ‘em a good rub down.

Use face wipes 
Face wipes prevent direct finger-to-face contact and “offer a great barrier for skin-on-skin imperfections and triggers while allowing daily cleansing” adds #PickingMe CEO and Founder Lauren McKeaney.

Wash your hands - and moisturize!
Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds in a soapy lather, but don’t stop there! After washing, grab a mild moisturize and massage your hands and let it soak in, to prevent rawness and chapping. Your slippery paws might deter picking as well. 

Re-envision the media bytes
Hearing “Don’t touch your face” on repeat from the media may be a trigger for your Skin Picking Disorder. Try insead thinking of each sound byte, each news blurb, each article as mini-cheerleaders, rooting you and your skin picking management on!

Add hand sanitizer to your routine
Carry a bag of fidgets? Throw a in small bottle of hand sanitizer for on the go use. In need of a Fiddle Pack full of sensory fidgets where for everyone one sold, one is donated? Shop here!

Keep your hands busy
Peel an orange. Squeeze a stress ball. Make a paper airplane. Roll around putty. Unfold a paperclip. Fidget a key chain. Twist a pipe-cleaner. Eat pistachios. 

Clean your makeup brushes
Looking for an at-home task to benefit your skin-care, self-care, and virus scare feelings? Take this time to try washing your built-up bristles with warm water and baby shampoo.

Stay connected while apart
As physical and social distance is encouraged, reach out to your loved ones to check in and say hi, call up an old friend you haven’t heard from, or follow a new social media hashtag like #PickingMe

Spread awareness, not germs
As others struggle in not touching their face, use this as a chance to inform them about Dermatillomania. For more stories from our community, visit!

And, as always, don't forget to follow us on social media for more info: @pickingmefdn