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15 Tips on Helping Skin Picking Urges and Taking Self Care During Quarantine

These times are unprecedented and we're here to support our #PickingMe fam! Check out our latest list of tips to help make your Dermatillomania management a little easier during this stressful time.

-Try pop-on fake nails from a pharmacy or Amazon instead of acrylics while salons are closed

-Alter triggering environments by dimming a light, unscrewing a lightbulb or leaving a door ajar

-Reach out to an Esthetician to see if they will do digital consultation

-Manicure at home with vitamin E oil, a nail buffer, file, and strengthening polish

-Print out and try tracking your picking with a free Skin Picking Log at

-Switch a healing ointment like Aquaphor to a hands-free, spray version

-Check in with a therapist through virtual sessions or on a mental health app

-Protect a zit using hydrocolloid patches, like the #PickingMe Patch in our Fiddle Packs at

-Be in touch with a Dermatologist to see their availability for a Summer check-up

-Fidget with a paperclip, orange, pipe cleaner, stress ball, putty, tangle, or rubber band

-Block triggers with a barrier like clothing, tape, bandage, gauze, face wipe, finger cot or glove

-Read and relate to fellow Skin Pickers at

-Find a local support group to plan to join in the future at

-Reinterpret media bytes warning you to “not touch your face” as cheerleaders rooting you on

-Connect socially while distancing using #PickingMe