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Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s self-care.
Spread the self love this February by posting your own #SelfLoveNote on social media!
All you have to do is take a picture holding a sign that says #SelfLoveNote and share what you love about yourself! It can be anything from "I love the way I make ice cream sundaes" or "I love how reliable of a friend I am," YOU decide! Then include our downloadable graphic with your post, to encourage others to share their own self love! And don't forget to tag #PickingMe, so we can showcase you in our #SelfLoveNote gallery!

Click the image to download!

If you'd like to continue the love,
 consider making a Valentines Day donation!

Your generosity will help us to spread Skin Picking Disorder awareness, connect with and support sufferers around the world,
and continue to encourage the importance of #selflove!

Check out our #SelfLoveNote gallery!

Thank you to all those who've participated in our Valentine's Day #selflove campaign!
With your strength and positivity, you truly embody what we stand for at #PickingMe!